What is the Legacy-VIP soundmoney® Metal Bonus?

As a Legacy VIP customer, when you personally sponsor someone in your 7k business, you are eligible for a soundmoney® Metal Bonus. This means, after you manually activate the bonus, you will be rewarded when your direct personals buy in their soundmoney® account. It shows up in your soundmoney® account in the same metal asset as they bought. BUT, in order to begin this program, you need to opt in. Don’t stress—it’s a super simple, quick process.

Follow along with this video, which will show you how to enable the program and explain some of the information you need to know before beginning: https://vimeo.com/875310759/506193a908

Login to your soundmoney® account, find your Settings, and then your Referrals.
Carefully read the Terms and Conditions.
You’ll be required to add a valid Tax ID. (This is because you have the potential to earn taxable income in metals from soundmoney® as part of this bonus program.)

Once you’re finished, you’ll automatically begin earning in metals whenever your personals buy soundmoney®. Pretty sweet, right? Your soundmoney® app will track your bonuses by asset, so just log in whenever you want to check out your progress.

Enjoy your metal earnings, Legacy VIPs! And if you haven’t yet made the decision to become a Legacy VIP Customer, keep this amazing perk in mind for if you do someday choose to become one of our lifers. We love you either way, though!

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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